Gisele Bundchen Endorsements and Earnings

Posted on July 2nd, 2009 by by Shenron
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Beginning in 1993, when Gisele Bundchen first realized she had a future in modeling, her earning power has increased from year to year, Gisele is now the wealthiest and highest earning supermodel, eclipsing her nearest competition in the earnings stakes by at least double, and in many cases much more.

Shortly after starting her career, Gisele got her first contract with Dolce & Gabbana, an association she has kept through her entire modeling career, and even today still works closely with the brand. After only a few years as a catwalk model Gisele had already climbed to the very top of modeling becoming one of the most recognizable names of recent years.

As expected, a model of Gisele’s caliber is always in great demand from major names on the fashion industry, and has been linked with Victoria’s Secret, Givenchy, Christian Dior, Valentino, Liouis Vuitton, Rampage, C&A, Max Factor and many other brands, in many cases as the face of the brand, or the lead model for specific campaigns.

GiseleBundchen Perfume Photo

Outside of the fashion industry Gisele has also endorsed American Express, Apple Inc, Volkswagen, A Swiss watch maker Ebel, and Duracell amongst others. Despite being discovered eating a McDonald’s burger, Gisele has never endorsed the brand, though she has privately confessed to enjoying a Big Mac, a fact that is often met with derision amongst other models, although Heidi Klum, the second highest earning supermodel has accepted an endorsement contract from the fast food chain.

Gisele Bundchen has consistently appeared on Forbes Top 15 List of Top Earning Models, and in 2009, 2008, 2007, and 2006 was ranked the highest earning Supermodel with total earnings over her career estimated at over $150 million, although this figure doesn’t take into account earnings from her early career, or earnings from Gisele’s investments, such as the hotel in Brazil she owns.

Gisele is also known to give a third of her earnings to her closest family members, so her total assets are substantially less, and with charitable donations estimated in the millions, Gisele is certainly comfortable, but unlikely to be worth as much as $150million.

A Brazilian shoe company, Grendene, founded in 1971, and now Brazil’s largest manufacturer of footwear have developed a range of flip flops and casual sandals in association with Gisele Bundchen who continues to model for the company as well as providing her name. Gisele’s first ad campaign with Grendene for her line of footwear featured Gisele wearing nothing but a dress made of water droplets which had been computer generated, and a skin toned bikini removed.

giselebundchen dior purse Photo

The agreement with Grendene was initially for only four years, but has since been extended in a series of two year contracts owing to Gisele’s sales power, and sees Gisele receive 7% of the sales price of each pair of shoes sold, and is estimated at 20% of Gisele’s annual earnings. Gisele’s sales power in the fashion industry is legendary, she is reputed to have helped C&A triple earnings during a campaign she fronted, and it is believed Grendene sell 20 million pairs of Gisele Bundchen branded sandals and flip flops.

Fred Fuld, an economist and expert on Brazilian stocks who wrote the best selling “Investing in Brazil Stocks” has compared the stocks of companies endorsed by Gisele B√ľndchen with other industry stocks, notably the Dow Jones Industrial Average. He noted that the Gisele Bundchen Stock Index frequently outperforms, for example during May and July of 2007 when it rose over 15%, in contrast with the DJIA which only rose 8%. At one point the Gisele Bundchen Stock Index rose 29% compared to the DJIA falling 6.5%.

Earnings per year are so consistent for Gisele, being one of the fashion world’s most well known brands, that Gisele Bundchen is known to juggle upto 20 contracts for product endorsements per year. So confident is Gisele of her future earnings that in 2007 she terminated a $5 million per year contract with Victoria’s Secret, reportedly over financing with some fashion insiders claiming Gisele has asked for $20 million.

Gisele’s manager and sister Patricia has denied this, saying instead that Gisele simply wanted to pursue other career goals and that Victoria’s Secret placed too many demands on her available time. As she approaches her 30th birthday Gisele is keen to transition out of modeling, and into contracts that don’t demand catwalk appearances.

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